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While instrument builders may feel that they are members of an exclusive society that is somehow granted immunity from the need to preserve our precious tropical hardwood resources, logic would indicate the contrary. For without immediate and conscientious efforts to preserve the rain forests they are by default contributing to the ultimate extinction of the human species.
A handful of leading edge builders have tackled the daunting task of developing alternatives to the use of our precious hardwood resources using space age technology and an old world approach to craftsmanship they are doing what they can to preserve our craft and our rain forest as well. We are pleased to introduce you to one such firm. . . .
RainSong Graphite Guitars

Headstock of 12-string RainSong guitar, with Maui Girl inlay and Schaller tuning machines, both standard.
Greetings, Tony the Guitarmaker,

I'd like to invite FGIWH browsers to visit our RainSong web site at http://RainSong.com where you will find photos & technical data on each of our eleven models, as well as on the various necks, headstock inlays, tuning machines, transducers, preamps, etc., which you can equip your RainSong. The site is up in English and in Japanese, and you will be able to hear short sound-clips of music played on each model RainSong, as well as link directly to us to request a demo audio CD, a CD-ROM digital catalog, or to order a guitar.

And of course, anytime you're in the neighborhood, please drop into any one of our PHYSICAL sites - the home workshop/showroom in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, or any of our 16 dealers in the US and world-wide. Drop us a line at RainSongKi@aol.com to get the address of the dealer nearest you, to schedule a visit to our Maui workshop or to order YOUR RainSong.

Dr. John Decker
RainSong Graphite Guitars
Mary Quaintance

Prepreg [graphite fibers, factory-coated with premixed epoxy] specialist Mary Quaintance laying up back-and-sides of "windsong" steel-string acoustic RainSong guitar. Mary worked on the Stealth Bomber for Boeing before joining RainSong.
Don Valenzona

RTM [Resin-Transfer Molding] specialist Don Valenzona closing mold prior to molding one-piece neck/fretboard/peghead. Don worked on stealth missiles for General Dynamics prior to joining RainSong.

RainSong workshop

RainSong Graphite Guitars workshop in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Note the unfinished dreadnought-style RainSong in the foreground.

Wayne Albrecht

Production manager Wayne Albrecht checking dreadnought-style RainSong acoustic guitar back-and-sides in mold prior to vacuum-bag oven cure. The curing oven is behind Wayne, its observation window by his right shoulder. Wayne was the plant manager for Advanced Composites Group before joining RainSong.


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