Kurt Rodarmer

. . .with some other type of music, perhaps I could have used readily available instruments, but The Goldberg Variations mandated a radically new guitar. As it turned out, I commissioned two...

The Guitars:

Kurt Rodarmer's guitars were specially designed and built for this recording. They are the fruits of a long-term collaborative effort on the part of Dr. Michael Kasha of Florida State University, and luthier Richard Schneider. Dr. Kasha is a pioneer in the application of engineering physics to soundboard design, and master luthier Schneider has been his chief guitar craftsman.

Cassandra (guitar on the left) was built to the Kasha model with an asymmetrical divided bridge. The sound hole has been moved to the upper treble lobe to allow maximum utilization of the top for bass notes, as well as to provide a richer tone over the entire range. Her fingerboard has been extended to 24 frets, five beyond the norm. Her top and back are California redwood, her frets are of beryllium bronze and her string scale is 68 cm. - 3 beyond the norm.

Blanca (guitar on the right) is a true "bass" classical guitar. Her custom sixth string is 0.070" in diameter and is tuned to a low A, 55hz, where she produces a true fundamental. She is the first of Schneider's guitars to have her sound hole moved to the side, paving the way for Cassandra. Blanca has 22 high tech plastic (Delrin) frets, a smaller sound hole to lower her resonant frequency, and a redwood top. She has a 72 cm string scale and was designed purely for studio use.

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